Equinox Business Strategies – Providing assistance and support to business owners to utilise their companies for a healthier, happier and wealthier life.

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About Equinox Business Strategies

I started Equinox Business Strategies to offer support, advice & guidance to business owners who find themselves running their company, day in, day out and not finding the time (or thinking the time isn’t available) to take time to themselves, their family and friends.

We are all guilty or getting caught up in work and despite the phrase “work/life balance” has been bandied about for years, how many of us actually can admit to having the correct ratio?

I have been involved in corporate brokering, exit strategies and company optimisation for over 15 years and one thing that surprises me is how business owners aren’t aware of their many options to optimise their company. This can be achieved by addressing the working practices of the operation, staff & CRM to achieve an outcome which doesn’t involve working 60+ hour working weeks, reduces stress levels and allows the owners and staff to all benefit from the changes.

Having dealt with and spoken to hundreds of business owners, there was a feeling of loneliness from them. They didn’t want to put stress on their staff, they would take on business from clients they didn’t have the resources to service, they are the owner and the buck ended with them and the forest really was obscured by the trees.

I work with business owners to take a step back, see the bigger picture and realise there are always routes to other outcomes.

Ross Nicoll

Ross Nicoll